CSS Sprite Generator

CSS Sprite Generator allows you to quickly make CSS sprites which combines multiple images into single image file. Using sprites make your webpages load quicker as multiple image loading is avoided. You can download the generated image sprite.
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You can drag and drop the images to change their order in the sprite.
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      Right click the image to save it to your computer. Open image in a new window   Copy Base64
      You can use a RegExp object for capturing the file name.
      . { ... }
      This is a preview of your sprite using HTML/CSS and your image.

      Sorry, but your browser does not support the features necessary for Intant Sprite. Here is a list of browsers that let you use Instant Sprite:

      • Chrome 6+
      • Firefox 3.6+

      You can read more about why this doesn't work with your browser on the faq page. If you feel you have gotten this message in error, please leave me feedback telling me what browser / operating system you are using and I will look into it.

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